Crumbl Cookies | Puyallup, WA

May 23, 2021

So I wasn't too sure about this spot, but when it first opened in my city there was (and still) lines that wrapped around the store. I finally ended up going and was not disappointed at all. I stood in a small line, but it wasn't bad. At first I was curious why the line was moving slow, but I came to realize that the cookies were being made fresh. My box was warm when I got it.

These cookies are no joke. They are big, kind of thick, and dee-lish! Heads up though, the chocolate chip cookie is average, but the other cookies...YUM! My favorite out of the batch was the waffle cookie. The icing on top tasted buttery, the cookie itself tasted like a waffle, and it came with syrup. It was good!

Anyways, if you hear a little hype about this spot, it's real. You might want to check this cookie shop out if you ever get the chance.

Hope you enjoyed!