Food Tube: ぞうさんパクパク 大食い (ZousanPakuPaku)

September 1, 2021

ぞうさんパクパク is a food fighter (at least that what I call these kinds of content creators) from Japan and his channel is just so fun to watch. His editing his done really well as you watching his more recent videos and his intro music is always stuck in my head. His food challenges are insane! It is so much food and even though I've never seen him not beat a challenge, I'm always surprised he was able to finish...and sometimes in just the nick of time.

You definitely don't have to understand Japanese to enjoy his channel. His funny faces that he makes while eating and the food itself are enough to become addicted to watching him.

Side note, my wife is Japanese and likes him as well, not only because of the content itself, but because he talks very polite. If you don't know Japanese, the language is easy to learn, but the social aspect of knowing how and when to talk casually or professionally or politely can be very difficult. Well that's at least my take as I learn the language.

Please check it out and I'm sure you'll enjoy. Link is below.

(Images provided by Google search and that is ぞうさんパクパク)