I Love Sushi | Bellevue, WA

June 14, 2021

So when I heard about this spot about a year ago from some buddies of mine, it was a pass for me. The name is kind of cheesy if you ask me, but I was wrong to judge it based on that. More than a year later my wife asked if we could try out this spot and so we did and it was pretty good. I had a grilled mackerel bento and my wife got the chirashi and okazu bento.

It was a bit pricey, but what sushi place isn't. We ate in our car, as per the usual these days, but when I went inside to go pick it up the restaurant look really nice inside. It is on a "lake" so I believe there is a nice view. However i put the "lake" in quotes because it is surrounded by business building so you don't really get to see it from anywhere unless you're probably in one of those buildings.

Anyways, as protocol goes, my wife who is Japanese is the authority on whether the food is good or not and she liked it. She said it tasted authentic and there was a side dish that she says is usually not given unless you're in Japan so, that makes it a bit more authentic.