Millville Pizza | Gig Harbor, Wa

September 7, 2021

My and my wife have been going to Gig Harbor for a while to enjoy a beautiful walk near the water and have that small town feel. Like my wife, who is a super fan, it's like walking around the town of Gilmore Girls. I wouldn't know though. HA!

Anyways, it was only after maybe our second or third time going there that we found and tried Millville Pizza and go pretty much every time we are out in Gig Harbor. If you like that artisan kind of pizza and enjoy simple ingredients, but full of flavor, this is the spot.

In the picture above, it's a slice of their Sea Gem pizza or basically a margherita pizza. Delicious! It's got a crispy crust, despite it looking pretty limp in the picture, but that's because it's thin and got a ton of chees on it. No complaints. We've tried other pizzas, but this just seems to be our go to and one that we know we will absolutely enjoy every time. That said, their other pizza are delicious too.

The pizzas come in 8 inch and 12 inch, the 12 inch is what me and my wife share and it's more than enough. I usually end up eating more than half, but once again, no complaining over here. We also get their Woodfire Flat bread, which is cheese bread and it fills us up for the day.

The icing on the cake is the walk afterwards. Gig Harbor is a small town that you can enjoy and really nice stroll with family and friends and I've made a video to give you a better look around the place. Please check it out here on my Vimeo. I have other videos you can watch and come along with me around the PNW.

Hope you enjoyed!