Mini Oscar's Annex

June 4, 2022

So I didn't get to eat this hot or at the actual spot. I was in a meeting that took way longer than I expected, but it was good never the less.

It was Biomed week and our clinic's biomed decided this is where he wanted to get lunch from. This is what I ordered - pictured in this post is what is called "The Stoner." It's a delicious fried chicken sandwich that has two large tater tots that come inside. I usually order garlic fries is the option is there, but this spot had the option of rosemary fries so I decided to try those out, they did not disappoint.

If you find yourself in Sumner, WA you might want to check this place out. Something to note as well is that this spot serves breakfast all day. If you look through their menu, it looks bomb. Something I will try out the next time for sure. Link below to the spot.