Minimalism: Your Time and Attention

August 30, 2021

Being a minimalist isn't just decluttering our closets, but it also includes our phones. I admit, I am attached to my phone all the time, but I am trying to change that.

I've gone about a month, at the time of this post, with instagram, facebook, and snapchat deleted from my phone.

I don't miss it one bit and the stress of trying to figure out what picture to post next or how many likes I get is gone. It's freeing.

It was tough at first. It was obvious from the get go how addicted I was. When I first deleted the apps from my phone, I would pick up my phone and just scroll through my apps, fully knowing that I had no reason or app to mindlessly look at like an instagram feed. That went on for about a week, but the temptation has definitely subsided.

However, it's has now transferred to always checking my email (mindlessly), which I never really did unless I was specifically waiting for an email that I knew was coming.

I'm trying to only look at my phone with intention.

For the past 4 weeks, I've included adding a time limit on my phone as well. I have an iPhone and I've set the downtime to 7pm to 6am. This means that all my apps are locked between those times specified. I can still get into them, but a warning pops up first asking if I want to ignore the down time for one minute or 15 minutes. I will say, even though I can still get into my apps, that warning makes me think twice if I really need to get in to the app and usually I end up just closing it.

Right now I'm working on YouTube, I definitely have not cut back on that. I'm not sure really how to do that. Any suggestions?

With all this, I'm a more attentive husband and a more present father. Still could improve though. Always.

Our phones, gadgets, and other junks take away our time and attention. Those are things we can't get back.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed.