Minimalism: goodbye, things by Fumio Sasaki

August 27, 2021

Not a long post or review about the book by Fumio Sasaki, but as I looked up the reviews prior to reading, I saw many posts about how extreme he is and they always mentioned the 1 towel that he owns and uses for everything from drying dishes to drying off after a shower.

Yes, this is extreme and I wouldn't go this far into minimizing my life, but for me that wasn't the takeaway.

The takeaway is that Sasaki is showing us that what we think we need isn't always essential to living a comfortable life and dare I say an happy one. He explicitly says that minimalism is how you make it and that it doesn't have to like his way of living.

I think that his 55 tips to be a minimalist can be filtered down, but my takeaway on his list is that it hammers down on the concepts and seeing things from different angles might make more sense to one reader than another.

Anyways, if you end up reading the book, I'm sure that you find at least one thing of value that you can implement into your life right away.

Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. The picture is one of my drawers at work. It was packed with junk and now it's filled with mostly essentials. The only thing there that I keep stewing over is that box with the skull on it. It's one of the limited edition things that I'm having a hard time letting going.