Minimalism: I'm A Sucker For Limited Edition

August 24, 2021

Up until now, minimalism has been a phase for me. I can say I'm probably going on my fourth or fifth time trying to get rid of my junk, but when I do I end up with more junk that replace all the other junk I just got rid of.

I probably shouldn't call it junk; one man's junk is another man's treasure. I should really call it non-essentials.

These non-essential items that I would get rid of were not essential to me, but after I donated them, sold them, or gave them away, hopefully it brought value to that person.

Many of my non-essentials were "Limited Edition" items such as sneakers, bags (man purses and backpacks), or really whatever you can think of; if it said Limited Edition on it, I wanted it and typically ended up getting it.

When I look back at those purchases, I think I know why I bought them on the surface, it's because of scarcity. There were only a limited amount of that product made, so I had to make sure I grabbed it before it would be impossible to grab it again. Looking deeper, I think it's because I'm trying to be elite, be a member of something exclusive.

But why?

I would probably guess it's because of my upbringing. Not that I had it hard or anything. I lived a very good middle class life, but throughout my entire life, even now to some extent, it was always a thing to mention (by a family member or friend) that someone is a Doctor, or a Lawyer, or some kind of medical occupation, to convey that that person is successful.

Even though anyone can pursue these professions, it was like someone saying, "did you know so and so is a member of (insert exclusive club here)." Getting those Limited Edition Nike's gave me that feeling that I had that exclusive status.

It's embarrassing to think that that is how I thought, and still kind of do. Now it's more like, "LImited Edition Oreos? I got to have those." Yes, there are limited edition Oreos and other foods for that matter. In those situations I actually believe the underlying why is still very similar, but at least the Oreos satisfy my sweet tooth and belly.

Hopefully this made sense and resonates with someone, but as I truly try to live my life as a minimalist I want to figure out the Whys so that I can move past my old self of buying my way to happiness.

Thank you and hope you enjoyed.

P.S. Sorry for not showing you my old shoe collection, but they are gone. The picture shows my daily shoes (not limited edition) that I wear to work. I have another pair for hiking, some sandals, flip flops for jiu jitsu, and one more pair for doing yardwork.