Minimalism: Love People, Use Things by The Minimalists

September 8, 2021

So it's probably been about 2 months or so since I started to declutter my stuff and get rid of a bunch of junk. I'm still scrutinizing the things that remain, but I've definitely made more room, but not just physically.

I've mentally made more space by getting rid of ephemera. This means I've been more present with my 14 month old, more engaged with the conversations I have with my wife (despite her probably thinking otherwise. HA!). It also means that I'm making more space to be intentional with my relationships with my finances, my own emotions, and the people around me.

This book is a great guide that's helped me navigate those new spaces. The Minimalists really open up about their lives and their relationships with things, money, and people and it gave me pause to look inside myself and see what I'm doing and what I need to work on.

I pre-order the book and got the free workbook to go along with it and it's tough. Ryan asks tough questions, but if you don't answer them honestly, which I'm doing, you may come up with some answers you don't like. Answers you already knew, that I knew, but lied to myself about.

Read the book, do the work, improve.

Hope you enjoyed.

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