Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream | Redmond, WA

May 23, 2021

Right of the bat, if you like your sweets really sweet, this may not be the ice cream shop for you. I enjoy my sweets to be a bit milder than the sweetness of say a Snickers although, I do enjoy a good Snickers bite. HA! Anyways, I've had several flavors now and so far they all seem to be on the less sweet side.

The ice cream is creamy, tastes all natural (if that can even be a thing), and they give you a good amount of ice cream in one scoop. They offer seasonal flavors as well, of which I tried and enjoyed; it was the cinnamon roll flavor. I've also enjoyed they cold brew coffee flavor, which once again, even the coffee flavor was a bit milder than say one from BR31. Although, yet again, I do enjoy my jamoca almond fudge at BR31.

If you find yourself in Redmond, WA and want some ice cream, check this spot out.

Hope you enjoyed!