The Meltdown | Delivery Only

June 25, 2021

So a little background, it's "Spriit Week" at my work and every day we're getting lunch, this day we were going to order Red Lobster. Sadly, the closest Red Lobster did not deliver to our location. So, we hopped back on to Door Dash and quickly came across this spot called the Meltdown.

It's all about the melts! As pictured, I ordered the Giddy Up which is a brisket sandwich melt. It was pretty tasty. the sauce was good, the brisket wasn't the most tender, but good flavor, and the fries came crispy. Another note on the brisket, it looks burnt, but didn't taste burnt and was a little on the dry side. Still no complaints, sandwich was still tasty.

As I looked this spot up on the internet to let you all know where this spot is originally from, I found out that it is delivery only. They don't have a physical location of origina, but it's "brought to you by Denny's." Pretty cool.

Not sure if this is available all over, but if you got the option in your Door Dash, it's worth a try.

Hope you enjoyed!