The Third Place | Redmond, WA

May 23, 2021

When me and my wife first visited Redmond, it was for the KBBQ and we've been back several times since. The "bento" box you see is pretty hefty and a good portion size of short ribs, rice and side dishes. It even comes with a peace of fried chicken and I think it's orange chicken. The short ribs are a good thickness and they give you plenty of rice, which I live for, and the side dishes are plentiful and they always give you several of them. You don't get to choose the side dishes, so sometimes I'll end up with broccoli, which I give to my wife (LOL), or some kind of potato.

I do have to say though, me and my wife have only had their short ribs. It's just so good, we never wanted to venture to anything else. HAHA! So really I can only recommend this dish. As for the restaurant itself, it does have the experience you'd typically have at any other KBBQ restaurant where you choose your meat and grill it up yourself. However, we found this place during the pandemic and have been enjoying it in the car.

Anyways, this is the best KBBQ that we've had up here in WA and it's a spot to definitely check out during your travels in the PNW.

Hope you enjoyed!